About Bashta Development

The main fields of activity of the company are construction, acquisition, maintenance, and management of real estate property for leasing to third parties, as well as the sale of objects.

The company is engaged in a full cycle of implementation of real estate projects (purchase, lease of land, hiring designers, general contractor, launching construction, monitoring the work completion)

Operation and management activities, facility security, building maintenance, cleaning services, etc.

Search for profitable options for investment, assessment of the real estate market, and search for the most profitable opportunities at the moment for signing an agreement, implying an optimal level of profit.

Selection and preparation of a plot of land suitable for construction. Thorough market research. Determination of profitability from project implementation and risk assessment.

Development of a detailed business plan to justify the benefits of the project.

Negotiating with government agencies to obtain permission and prepare the relevant documentation necessary to start construction or reconstruction work.

Acquisition of objects according to the investment project using personal, borrowed funds or funds of investors. Efficient optimization of the project deadlines.

Organization of construction and design work. Involvement of contractors for the production of works, in the future, the creation of similar structures inside the company for any kind of construction work.

Administration and control of task execution.

The most careful monitoring of the progress of work, with strict quality control and deadlines. Selling of finished projects or leasing. In the case of leasing, Bashta Development takes over the management responsibilities.

To exercise control, a special structural unit has been created, which, if necessary, corrects shortcomings and monitors the state of the objects.